Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Houston Happs

The guys have been playing in a softball league, Its nice for them to have an outlet from work. Also way fun to watch and cheer.

2011 Houston crew.

This Fathers Day we went with our good friends the Rehrer's to Dave and Busters, good times!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Cruise 2010

Last November, Anthony and I got to go on a cruise with his work.
It was so much fun. We explored Catalina Island and a tiny port town in Mexico I cant remember the name of.
Sun, friends and dancing waiters, good times.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Private Blogs....

There are so many of you that have private blogs now and I am sad I cant view them, please add me to your blog so I can keep up.:) The email is anthmott@yahoo.com. Thanks!


So after a year of not updating my blog I have finally done it. Here are some pictures of the holidays and last couple months. Enjoy!

Friday, January 23, 2009

From Dallas to St. Louis.

Well we are back in St.Louis and here to stay until October. Anthony is still selling security systems, him and his friend are managing the office out here this summer so we are here getting things started. I am trying to keep busy everyday while Anthony works, and for now the days are pretty long with no car, and the weather cold as ever! I can't believe my husband works in it everyday, he is great! I will eventually find a job and we will get involved in our ward to make some friends and feel like we are actually somewhat home:) I am getting a little homesick and I have been telling everybody to take a vacation and come stay with us, were close to Chicago, and Navuoo, so keep that in mind:) Our Holidays were great! We were greatful to be with both our families for a couple weeks before we moved. My camera is still not working for me, so I haven't had any pictures to post, maybe that's what I should have asked Santa for;)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fun In Texas

I hope you all enjoyed the posts Anthony put up:) I am so bad about updating it and he is always saying that if we have a blog then we need to update it on a regular basis, so the good husband he is took it into his hands and helped me out. We had the fun opportunity to go down to Daniel and Joanne's in Austin on Sunday, it is just a few hours from us so we left early and spent the whole day with them and there cute little family. When we first got there we got a tour of the house by all the kids, little Rachel was so cute she didn't miss showing us a single closet we joked that she is going to be a great real estate agent when she grows up, then Anthony and I went for an adventure with Tristan and Oliver, they took us on a trail through a little forest and stream, and that is where we caught this craw fish that Oliver is holding (he was the only one that would pick the thing up). We then went to dinner to a great Mexican restaurant that was amazing! It was so much fun to spend time with Daniel and Joanne and for me to get to know them and their kids a little more. Thank you Daniel and Joanne for having us and making us feel so welcome, they are such a great family, Anthony and I look up to them so much and hope that we can be the great parents they are.

Update for our lives.

We are currently living in Dallas, Tx. It has been a fun experience thus far and we are enjoying our time here. I was originally going to come down here without Amber for about two months but two days before we left I started getting severe anxiety because I have now gotten to the point where I can't dress myself without her. I feel like a lost kid when she is not around. I am so happy we changed our minds because there is nothing better for me after a hard days work than to come home to my loving wife.(side note) She has perfected the art of the foot massage. Amberlie was born to be the perfect wife. I don't deserve all the things she constantly does for me. I am convinced that every decision of every day is centered around trying to make me happy. If I ever could do half of what she does for me I would feel like I had improved by leaps and bounds. The only way our kids ( hopefully soon) will turn out normal and me for that matter will be solely because of her). I am currently working for pinnacle still and am enjoying it. Amberlie got a job at a local school part-time and after one day the principal offered her full-time employment for obvious reasons. All of the kids in her class love her to death as well as the staff. When she came home and told me I was not suprised in the least.